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One of Those Days: A Meditation

February 26, 2017


It’s one of those days.


One of those brisk, clear winter days when it might be nice to go to the beach but it’s just as nice to stay home. When the strap on the tank you’ve been wearing for two days and the elastic on the underwear you’ve had on for just as long (hey, it happens) are droopy and exposing parts of you that you wouldn’t want even that neighbor who’s seen you gardening in rain boots and a t-shirt to catch you in (at least you were wearing a bra that time).


The kind of day when you put coconut oil in your hair and stay inside all day, washing sheets and surfaces while greasy hairs fall out of the knot on top of your head.


One of those days when you’re searching for order not meaning. When you acquiesce to the inconsistency of your consistency and embrace the comfortable chaos of your life and mind.


One of those days when you don’t mind cleaning up the bodily fluids of your geriatric cat (or the fact that The Ants have decided to invade his litter box), or scrubbing the mold off the kitchen window or doing laundry or dusting— dusting hundreds of things: books and small wooden boxes, sand dollars and seashells, candles and river rocks, porcelain plates, brass bells, glass jars and ceramic vases, small sculptures, shelf after exposed shelf, framed artwork and photographs, decorative bowls and diminutive teapots. (I am many things, a Minimalist, I am not.)


The kind of day when daydreams of the tropics populate the ranks of mental priority as your hands busy themselves with the rank and file. The kind of day when the boys do their chores and then sit quietly watching a movie so you don’t have to clean up their new messes while simultaneously cleaning up the old ones. When sweeping is all the Zen it’s supposed to be and you do the dishes for no other reason than to do the dishes.


The kind of day when you don’t check FB (very much).


The kind of day when an altitude adjustment is just what the shaman ordered.


The kind of day when you do a million little things that no one else will notice but you, but they are the most important things.


One of those days when neither the past nor the future encroaches on the present.

It’s one of those days. Amen.


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